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With the introduction of carbon shafts, players are seriously considering tips to improve their cue speed. To satisfy the player’s spirit of exploration, the tips combine both elasticity and rigidity to open up new playability.


Sharpen Your Edge

Modern billiard shafts, particularly carbon shafts, have significantly improved power transmission and achieved less bend at the shots. Therefore, a tip to improve the shaft’s performance is required.

However, there has been a trade-off between elasticity and stiffness in previous common tips.

Then we began development with the question, “Can we create a tip that can achieve both spin and power by increasing rigidity without reducing elasticity?”



​Combining elasticity and rigidity

“KAMUI ATHLETE” has been completed with rigidity to utilize power and elasticity to enable a soft touch by layering leathers of different hardness.

During shots, a great deal of force is applied to the lowest layer of the tip, which is far from the point of contact between the cue ball and the tip. This allows the user to benefit from flexibility when striking the center of the hand and avoid power loss due to stiffness when spinning.

As a result, the tip emphasizes the characteristics of the carbon shaft.

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