Predator Limited Edition Scorpion 1 Light Pool Cue


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  • Revo 11.8 BVP
  • Revo 11.8 WVP
  • Revo 12.4 BVP
  • Revo 12.4 BVP 30 Inch
  • Revo 12.4 WVP
  • Revo 12.4 WVP 30 Inch
  • Revo 12.9 BVP
  • Revo 12.9 BVP 30 Inch
  • Revo 12.9 WVP
  • Revo 12.9 WVP 30 Inch
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Predator Limited Edition Scorpion Light Pool Cue

Scorpions, with their formidable claws and venomous stingers, epitomize the essence of fierce predators. Scorpions rely on keen senses and lightning-fast reflexes to track down their prey. With a unique ability to detect vibrations through the ground, they patiently await the perfect moment to strike, delivering a swift and incapacitating blow.

These limited edition cues embrace the fierce captivating allure, the sleekness of their segmented bodies along with the graceful movements that scorpions possess. The cues are crafted with a radial pin to meticulously deliver accurate and powerful strikes, allowing for the strength and precision you need. These cues uphold the captivating beauty and unwavering strength of a scorpion. Its sleek design reflects the elegance found in nature’s most intriguing creations yet possess the power of a deadly predator.

*Limited to 100 of each cue



Ebony engraved Snake Wood, Black Abalone, Polu Abalone, Cocobolo, & Yellow Metal


Curly Maple or Ebony engraved Snake
Wood, Black Abalone, Poly Abalone,
Cocobolo, & Yellow Metal


Scorpion tail hooks. Scorpion
tail iridescent segmented points


Radial pin joint. The butt cap
features the Predator logo
and limited number quantity

More Information
Cue Type Pool Cue
Cue Style Traditional
Color Natural Maple
Joint Type Radial® Joint
Shaft Construction Carbon Fiber
Wrap Type No Wrap
Grip Diameter Medium
Shaft Length 29″
Butt Length 29″
Cue Tip Predator Victory Tip (Soft)


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in
Shaft Option

Revo 11.8 BVP, Revo 11.8 WVP, Revo 12.4 BVP, Revo 12.4 BVP 30 Inch, Revo 12.4 WVP, Revo 12.4 WVP 30 Inch, Revo 12.9 BVP, Revo 12.9 BVP 30 Inch, Revo 12.9 WVP, Revo 12.9 WVP 30 Inch

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Predator Limited Edition Scorpion 1 Light Pool Cue


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