Predator REVO 12.9 mm Shaft for Radial Joint – White Vault Plate 30 INCH SHAFT


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The Ultimate in Billiards Technology and Performance.

More accuracy, more spin, more consistency, more comfort, and more longevity, Predator REVO shafts set a new standard for performance.

Made of carbon fiber composite, REVO 12.9mm shafts incorporate more than twenty years of technological innovation and testing. REVO shafts feature the lightest front end mass, the lowest rate of rise taper, greatest radial consistency, and most durable construction. The result? The most accurate billiards shaft in the world at both low and high speeds, featuring the smoothest finish, the most spin, and uncompromising durability and strength.

Predator was awarded a patent for its innovative Vault Plate front-end construction: Patent # US9814963B2.


► PIN-POINT ACCURACY: No need to think about where you aim. That means faster progress and less mistakes under pressure.
► MORE POWER WITH LESS EFFORT: You don’t have to overhit the ball. You can stroke softly and still get reaction, power and spin.
► FIRM HIT: REVO 12.9 is our stiffest feeling carbon fiber shaft.
► OPTIMAL COMFORT: 12.9’s Low-Rise Pro Taper is the closest to our 314 shaft’s Pro Taper (almost identical from 4 to 14 inches from the tip end).
► REVO 12.9 is for players of all levels who choose Power over control or spin.


  • 12.9mm Tip Diameter
  • Radial Joint
  • REVO Low-Rise Pro Taper With 5% Rise Over the First 14 Inches
  • REVO Ferrule-Less Construction
  • White Vault-Plate (Ferrule) for Easier Sighting

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

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Predator REVO 12.9 mm Shaft for Radial Joint - White Vault Plate 30 INCH SHAFT

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