Whyte Carbon Wood Grain Play Shaft–12.5mm


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  • 3/8x10 (regular and modified)
  • 3/8x11
  • 3/8x14 (Cuetec)
  • 3/8x16 (McDermott Quick Release)
  • 5/16x14 Flat
  • 5/16x14 Piloted
  • 5/16x18
  • Pechauer Flat
  • Pechauer Piloted
  • Radial
  • Uniloc
  • Viking Quick Release
  • No Joint
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**Please note that the Wood Grain Shafts have a protective coating to ensure a long-lasting durable finish. It is recommended if you are looking for the smooth carbon feel of carbon fiber to go with the Whyte Carbon Raw Shaft or wear a glove.**

Introducing the Wood Grain Carbon Play Shaft by Triple 60, an innovative design that blends the durability and performance of carbon fiber with the timeless elegance of a wood shaft. Dual-Core Fill technology ensures a constant, high level of performance when playing, with superior aesthetics to match. Experience the best of both worlds with this industry-first design.

We’ve crafted this premium product using our advanced Dual-Core construction technology, Micro-Compression technology, and Multi-Density Fill for superior play. The round body displays a proprietary wood grain finish that complements its timelessly sophisticated design.


  • Low Friction Surface, Painted Surface
  • Dual-Core Seamless Carbon Construction
  • Micro-Compression technology
  • Multi-Density Fill Pattern

Standard Specifications:

  • Tip: Kamui Clear Tan Soft 12.5mm
  • Ferrule Color*: White
  • Weight*: 3.95 ounces (This weight can vary by adapter used and age of adapter. Shafts are weighed and measured using the current Uniloc QR Unibody adapter)
  • Balance*: Rear
  • Whyte Standard Flex

Warranty and Care:

As with many paints, the paint on the surface of this shaft can be affected by solvents and harsh chemicals. We (WHYTE CARBON) recommend carbon fiber cleaning wipes or a clean damp cloth to clean the shaft. For warranty and repair please contact us (WHYTE CARBON) directly to find an authorized repair center.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in
Whyte Carbon Joints

3/8×10 (regular and modified), 3/8×11, 3/8×14 (Cuetec), 3/8×16 (McDermott Quick Release), 5/16×14 Flat, 5/16×14 Piloted, 5/16×18, Pechauer Flat, Pechauer Piloted, Radial, Uniloc, Viking Quick Release, No Joint

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Whyte Carbon Wood Grain Play Shaft--12.5mm


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