X10R Cue Extension 11.5 inches

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Generally, the X10R will fit cues sizes ranging from 1.1″ to 1.3″. To adjust and optimize the fit of the extender to your cue stick we have included inserts to place inside the collar. The included hook-and-loop inserts are made of nylon and polyethylene and stick very well when pressed together. The inserts are also stackable for increased thickness.

We include three sets of different sizes in black or white:

  1. Thin – very smooth and soft, black or white
  2. Medium – slightly thicker and very soft material, black
  3. Thick – slightly wider and very soft material, black

For best fit arrange them evenly spaced in a triangular shape (see images). The more inserts you add, the stronger the hold of the X10R will become. We also suggest leaving approximately 1/2″ to 3/4″ of the insert to protrude out of the opening (see images). If you are not going to use the included round fastening dots it is a good idea to bend the insert back and away from the opening prior to inserting the cue stick. This will prevent the inserts from being pushed into the extender.

Alternatively you can affix the included round fastening dots on the outside of the collar to secure the protruding ends of the inserts.

The fastening dots are peel and stick. Simply remove the backing and press them in place, no glue needed. Arrange them also in a triangular shape in line with the inserts. After applying the dots bend back the insert and fasten it to the dot (see images).


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 1 in
X10R Collors

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X10R Cue Extension 11.5 inches