What Is the Difference Between a Snooker Table vs. a Pool Table?

Pool and snooker are two popular billiards games people enjoy playing. While the games can be played on a snooker table or a pool table, there are some differences between a snooker table vs. a pool table.

What is a pool table?


A pool table is a pool table with pockets on which the game of pool is played. Slate, unfinished wood, and special cloth made mostly of wool or worsted wool are the materials used to make pool tables of the highest caliber. From 6 feet by 3 feet to 10 feet by 5 feet, tables can range in size.

If a pool table adheres to the general norm of being twice as long as wide, then it is considered to be a regulation table. While an oversized pool table measures 10 feet by 5 feet, a tournament pool table is just 9 feet by 4.5 feet.

Pool tables typically measure either 7 feet × 3.5 feet or 8 feet x 4 feet. For instance, pubs and pool rooms frequently include 7-foot tables (bar boxes). Because they are only one foot shorter than a tournament table and frequently fit more easily into the space where the pool table will be put up, our 8-foot tables are the most popular size that customers purchase.

What is a snooker table?


Another variety of pocket billiards table is a snooker table. It has six pockets and resembles a pool table in appearance, although it is much larger. Pool tables and high-quality snooker tables are both built using the same techniques.

Although some people utilize an enormous pool table to play snooker on, full-size competition snooker tables are 12 feet by 6 feet and adhere to the same regulations as pool tables. Any table shorter than 10 feet is not advised because you won’t be able to enjoy the game as much as you would on a bigger table.

Snooker Table vs. a Pool Table: Key Differences


A snooker table and a pool table differ primarily in size, as well as the following other important factors:

Size of Ball
The first difference between snooker and pool in terms of ball size is that snooker balls are a little bit smaller. The standard diameter of snooker balls is 2 1/16 inches (52.5 mm). The diameter of a pool ball is 2 1/4 inches (57 mm).

The Number of Balls

Snooker uses a total of 22 balls to play the game, including:

  • One white cue ball or striker ball
  • Six balls that may or may not be numbered and must be blue, brown, green, yellow, black, and pink
  • Fifteen red balls


Traditional 8-ball pool uses a total of 16 balls, including:

  • One white or yellow cue ball or striker ball
  • Fifteen balls numbered from 1 to 15
  • The odd-numbered balls will be striped, usually white with another color
  • The even-numbered balls will be a solid color

Small Size
Snooker tables typically have corner pockets that are between 3 3/8 and 3 5/8 inches in size. Snooker tables often have side pockets that range in size from 4 1/16 inches to 4 5/16 inches.

A pool table’s corner pockets typically range in size from 4 7/8 inches to 5 1/8 inches. A pool table’s side pockets are typically 5 3/8 to 5 5/8 inches wide. Snooker is more difficult to master than pool because of the smaller pockets on the tables.

Additionally, snooker and pool tables each have adjustable pocket sizes.

A K-66 “L-shaped” cushion profile is used in snooker. You can utilize an angled K-55 or K-66 profile for pool tables. Because the balls used in snooker and pool are different sizes, the cushions on snooker tables are likewise somewhat lowered.

Table markers
Since snooker uses more balls than pool does, a snooker table will have more table markers than a pool table. A “D” will also be present on the head end of a snooker table.

Snooker uses a K-66 “L-shaped” cushion contour. For pool tables, you can use a K-55 or K-66 angled profile. The cushions on snooker tables are also a little lower because the balls used in snooker and pool are different sizes.

Table dividers
A snooker table will have more table markers than a pool table since snooker employs more balls than pool does. On the head end of a snooker table, a “D” will also be visible.


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